ORACAL 351 CHROME STICKER - Metallised Mirror Chrome Sticker Balloon Sticker Mug Sticker

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[ Lebar = 1 feet ]

[ Jika anda beli lebih daripada 1 unit kami akan potong ikut panjang quantiti yang anda beli. Contoh anda beli sticker putih 3 unit (1feet x 4feet), anda akan dapat 1no 1feet x 12feet, BUKAN 3nos 1feet x 4 feet]

[Kalao nak ukuran lain mcm 2feet atau 4feet lebar, SEBELUM ORDER sila chat dengan kita dulu untuk check stock]



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(**Note: Please be cautious while handling Oracal Chrome Gold 351 especially when applying transfer tape because the color may slightly peel off if the handling technique is not right)


Oracal 351 Metallised Mirror Chrome films can used with screen printing, offser litho and Cad Cut plotters. The Oracal 351 is a metallised film with excellent dimensional stability, with an outdoor life of 1 year.




High tensile strength films

Excellent solvent and chemical resistance

Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates

Bright Silver colour, enhancing luxury appearance

Durable, permanent adhesive

Recommendations for use

Double sided window stickers

Nameplates and decorative trim

Product labels and serial numbers

Bicycle decorations

Printed/ unprinted graphics


23 micron: Chrome, matt chrome,and gloss gold on both sides

50 micron: Chrome brushed, Rose gold



Service life : 2 years (gold: 1 year)

Size : 1ft x 1meter, 1ft x 4ft

Surface Finish : Gloss

Thickness : 23 micron (Chrome & matt chrome);

59 micron (Chrome-brushed & Rose gold)

Application: Indoor or Outdoor


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